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Our students are following their dream

Our Graduates are Following Their Dreams

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The IB Programme at Lausanne prepared me so well academically, I definitely feel ready to take on the challenges ahead. - Tony Chen, '16
Lausanne's commitment to academic excellence makes me feel confident that I'm prepared to find success at Northwestern- or really anywhere. - Ben Calkins, '16
Lausanne gives its students the opportunity to become a holistic student rather than one that is completely one-dimensional. - Prashanth Raj, '15
Lausanne has amazing teachers who taught me that hard work is the best way to get to where you want to be in life. - Eleanor Bates, '13
Lausanne prepared me for Boston College by teaching me how to think, not what to think. - Nick Leal, '10
At Lausanne, I realized that doing well was directly related to how much time and effort I put into being prepared. It works the same way at Michigan, if you work hard, you'll be successful. - Claire Tanenbaum, '16
I think Lausanne helped me prepare for Georgetown by teaching me how to take risks. - Raghav Ranga, '16