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Promoting to Higher Grades

Students must pass all units and especially students in the high school shall attain satisfactory academic requirements for graduation. All reports are compiled termly based on test and exam scores.

For the Primary, two tests are conducted compulsory of 15% each plus an end of term exam accounting for 70%.

As of the high school, each of the two tests weighs 20% while the examination carries the remaining 60%.

If a student receives failing grades for the 1st term in English and Mathematics, the student is placed on REPORT status for the 2nd term. After the 2nd Term if the student fail to improve in the above subjects and fails any additional subject, he/she will be placed on PROBATIONARY status for the 3rd Term.

When a student reaches the probation level, a written remedial education plan in the subject area will be drafted by the teachers of the subjects in question and communicated to the parents/ guardians by the Director of studies, endorsed by the headmistress.

Promotion to the next class depends on the annual average marks scored. Students must secure a minimum average of 50% to acquire Promoted Status. Students scoring between 45-50% are promoted on trial. This implies that when the new academic year resumes, the student will have to sit for a placement test. He/she will be obliged to strive to maintain an average of 60% or surpass it by the 1st parent teacher conference in order to obtain a confirmed promoted status. Upon failing to satisfy either of the conditions mentioned above the child will be demoted to his/her previous class.

Marking and Submitting Results

All Primary and High school teachers need to assess pupils at least 3 times per term. The tests should be conducted in the following manner:

Formative Test 1          : before mid-term break

Formative Test 2          : after mid-term break, but pre-revision week

Formative Exam          : At the end of the term

Note: High School teachers may conduct more than one formative test within the said periods. However, kindly ensure that the various test grades are averaged to constitute one test grade.

E.g. : if 3 tests have been done before mid-term break and each test is scored out of 20.

        Test 1 will be the result of test a + test b+ test c, all divided by the total number of test performed that is 3.

Kindly also ensure that each test and exam score is computed on the system out of 100%