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Admission criteria

We are delighted that you considering IESA as a partner in your child’s scholastic journey. We recognize that choosing the right school goes beyond the local appeal that IESA enjoys or recognition it receives for its commitment to quality management and education.

The school ensures that students coming from diverse communities, regions, backgrounds and professions are given a common platform and equal opportunities. Students of all nationalities are welcome to take admission in the school.

Students are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year but parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Please note that admission decisions are only taken once the registration formalities have been completed. The student must also complete our school’s placement test prior to a confirmed acceptance. The goal of the process is to enable your child’s enrollment into the class appropriate to the child’s learning stage between pre-Kindergarten and Grade 12.

However, in the interest of sticking to our class size policy of maximum 25 students per class, admission to some classes maybe closed earlier.

Admission Criteria

1 Age Criterion

A child entering the school in Pre-Kindergarten should be 2 years or above on August 31st for admission in the Academic Year, September to June.
The same criterion will be applicable to classes Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten 3 adding a year, each respectively.
Admission from Grade 1 onwards will be based on the students Transfer Certificate and Result in the previous school.

2 Academic Criterion

The prospective students will be given an aptitude / entrance test based on the performance of which the child will be admitted to the school.

Grades 1-12 assessment tests are formulated to test the skills learnt in the previous class in English and Maths. General Awareness of a child is also assessed.






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